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Group Information

Join requests are automatically approved, But we would like you to join, with these simple rules in mind.
Well, there are not many conditions, but here's a list.

One: You MUST be a fan of Ancient Egypt! (obviously)

Two: You must not be joining this just to troll. I will kick you out if that happens.


All art related to Ancient Egypt is accepted, bad or good quality, that fit these simple rules.

Rule number one: I'm trying to keep this group clean so, no sexual content. I can tolerate the humor, but no further then that please. (As in, no nude people okay?)

Rule number two: Bad language depends, so just post it and we'll decide.

If for some reason, your art is not accepted, please don't throw a fit!.


Featured: You are not allowed to post in this folder. I put select few into it. If you want your art here, please send a note about it to the founder, TeraStormTAS

The Great Pharaohs of Egypt: Only Historical pharaohs go in this folder. (They cannot be a made-up character)

Queens of Egypt: Pictures here must only be historical queens.

Royal Couples: This folder only has historical pharaohs and queens together in the same picture.

Princess's of Egypt: All royal female descendents in history go in this folder.

Princes of Egypt: All royal male descendents in history go in this folder.

The gods of Egypt: Pictures of the Egyptian gods go here. For example, Isis, Ra, Horus, ext.

Other Historical Men: All historical men that are not Pharaohs or princes go inthis folder.

Other Historical Women: All Historical women that are not queens or princesses go here.

Non-Historical characters: This is where you put all of the ancient Egyptians that ARE NOT in history. Such as OCs.

Non-historical couples: Same as the one above, except for couple pictures.

Egyptian OCs: You can submit all your original characters that are dressed/set in Ancient Egypt here.

Group: This can contain anything that is either historical or not, it must be only pictures with three or more people though.

Literature: Any Ancient Egyptian stories go here.

Prince of Egypt the movie: This is where you can submit all the Prince of Egypt (dreamworks film) fan-art.

Yu gi-oh: Submit all Yu gi-oh fan-art here.

Egypt: Photography or drawings of Egypt itself go here.

Statues from the land of Egypt: All photography of statues go here.

The Nile: Photography or drawings of the Nile river go here.

(If more folders have been added, and are not shown here, it means we have not yet updated. Sorry for the delay. Please try to base your artwork on the title of the folder if it is not listed here.)

Group Rules:
Yes, There are some group rules. Such as...

Do not have bad language, and or, 'speak' bad language to the people of this group. There is no reason too, and if you have a problem with the person, keep it between you two.

Do not speak rudely about other peoples art. Such as, Don't say, "Oh my gosh, that is so cruddy a bear could draw better." Or... "Your art sucks."

Also, Just try to be nice to people. I don't want anyone leaving just because they got in a fight with someone.

Please continue to ABOUT US if you are interested in what a member, Contributor, or co-founder does in this group.

:hug: Thank you so much for reading this, I really appreciate it. :hug:
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me directly or send the group a note! (Link to contact founder - TeraStormTAS)

Group Info

This group is dedicated to Egyptian history. Following the great pharaohs through the dynasties.
Founded 2 Years ago
Jun 26, 2015


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138 Members
147 Watchers
9,707 Pageviews
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CDC entry, Seth by InterfectorFactory CDC entry, Seth :iconinterfectorfactory:InterfectorFactory 5 0 horus sculpt by Entropician horus sculpt :iconentropician:Entropician 55 5 Horus render test by Entropician Horus render test :iconentropician:Entropician 108 47 mene mene tekel upharsin by lisa-im-laerm mene mene tekel upharsin :iconlisa-im-laerm:lisa-im-laerm 37 42 Marching on Rome by ChibiGilbertPlz Marching on Rome :iconchibigilbertplz:ChibiGilbertPlz 383 178 Rome by manonquinn Rome :iconmanonquinn:manonquinn 93 9 Tis A Bit Chilly Out by EverestSoul Tis A Bit Chilly Out :iconeverestsoul:EverestSoul 20 5 Queen of Sheba by Jozef-Szekeres Queen of Sheba :iconjozef-szekeres:Jozef-Szekeres 2,453 630 ancient greece by stvictoria ancient greece :iconstvictoria:stvictoria 87 7 Roman Soldier by clouded-ambition Roman Soldier :iconclouded-ambition:clouded-ambition 81 9 Roman Guardian by Lizkay Roman Guardian :iconlizkay:Lizkay 977 139 France 1st century bc to 5th ad (Roman Gaul) by Tadarida France 1st century bc to 5th ad (Roman Gaul) :icontadarida:Tadarida 206 2 Roman legionnaire by lmajali Roman legionnaire :iconlmajali:lmajali 116 24 Roman Stuff by dashinvaine Roman Stuff :icondashinvaine:dashinvaine 229 19 Roman Legionnaire by augustok Roman Legionnaire :iconaugustok:augustok 187 14 APH:Ancient Roman Empire by Monyaa APH:Ancient Roman Empire :iconmonyaa:Monyaa 368 38

Gallery Folders

Lotus Bath // Ankhesenamun by TeraStormTAS
A Pharaoh and His Queen //TutankhamunxAnkhesenamun by TeraStormTAS
Pharaoh Atem by Kibbitzer
Goodbye Brother by CascadingSerenity
The Great Pharaohs of Egypt
Get Out by DaBrandonSphere
Hatshepsut for Civilization VI Mod Concept by DaBrandonSphere
Amenhotep III the Hunting Pharaoh by DaBrandonSphere
Narmer - Historical Profile by DaBrandonSphere
Tutankhamun Art Contest
My beloved scoundrel by MadFretsy
Boy King Becomes a Man by AnimeMangaBerserker
Contest Entry Tut by CathyJonesAltman
Queens of Egypt
Nefertiti with Colored Pencils by DaBrandonSphere
See-Through Shawl by DaBrandonSphere
Cleopatra Prepares for War by DaBrandonSphere
Offering to the Aten by DaBrandonSphere
Royal Couples
MODERN // Tutankhamun and Ankhesenamun by TeraStormTAS
A Pharaoh and His Queen //TutankhamunxAnkhesenamun by TeraStormTAS
True Colours by NeferNeferu-Aten
We, the Gods! by NeferNeferu-Aten
Princess' of Egypt
Hetepheres II by DaBrandonSphere
The Younger Lady by DaBrandonSphere
Egyptian Princess by rilargo
Princess Meket-Aten by NeferNeferu-Aten
Princes of Egypt
Prince Thutmose by ElychazTut97
The Young Prince by RedRosesLast4eva
Prince of Egypt by Ookami-688
Prince of Egypt by NeferNeferu-Aten
The gods of Egypt
Nephthys, Goddess of the Dead by DaBrandonSphere
Hathor, Goddess of Love and Fertility by DaBrandonSphere
Hathor - Character Design Challenge by Aliciane
Horus the sky god by Artemis-Yates
Other Historical Men
Egyptian Table of Nations by DaBrandonSphere
Pitati Archer by Sanio
Henry Salt- Head in Louvre  Museum -reconstruction by ElychazTut97
Joseph's sorrow by LeSoldatMort
Other Historical Women
Little Cleopatra and Momma by DaBrandonSphere
Hypatia Goes Hunting by DaBrandonSphere
Meritamun Reconstruction by DaBrandonSphere
Didyme by DaBrandonSphere
Non-historical Characters
The Crown Prince of Egypt by DaBrandonSphere
Non-Historical Couples
Ani and Tutu by Steamrider86
Egyptian OCs
Village Beauty by Sanio
But Everything Goes Away by CascadingSerenity
Prince of Egypt The movie
Plagues by eikonik
Yu Gi-oh
Logicshipping Wedding Night by AnaPaulaDBZ
Time for Some Shea by DaBrandonSphere
Statues from the land of Egypt
Egypt by KupoGames
The Nile
Discovering the Nile by DaBrandonSphere
Night at the museum by AlexisKami
Comics and Meme
An age old tradition by Artemis-Yates
Arts and Crafts
Hand Printed Bastet Pouch: Tarot Bag, Dice Bag by ImogenSmid
Sphinx by Louisetheanimator
Stamps buttons and Icons
Tutankhamun Stamp V1 by RowennaCox
3D Works
Winged Scarab Pectoral by rilargo
Ponies from the classical era by YuntaoXD
Tutenstein by GhostFreak-Artz
Hatshepsut ART CONTEST
CE: Pharaoh Hatshepsut by Oceanisuna
Confused? Just add here
DEITIES || Expanded Genealogy Chart by TeniCola


If you are interested in Ancient History, you are sure to love these groups~:heart:
Please consider giving them a quick look~

Go down for group info
Oh my gooosh! We've reached 100 members! Thank you so much everyone!! >w<
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Hello, my name is Royal & Wenis, I like your artwork, you must be very talented, would you not mind doing new artwork of the Black African Egyptian King of the Gods Amun and posting it up on your page? This is Amun: just without any snakes, arm bands and Egyptian eye markings.
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